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      American Ginseng of Marathon, LLC is a family owned operation that has been growing premium ginseng for more than 30 years.  Our 280 acres of rolling hills and virgin soil naturally produce root that is high in ginsenosides and unique in taste.  We are honored with a long history of ginseng production in the State of Wisconsin due to the favorable climate and fertile soil conditions.  Marathon County, the heart of Wisconsin, is known as the "Ginseng Capital of the World."

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Cultivated Jumbo
Ginseng Roots
(20-30) per lb.

Compare at: $200.9
Your Price: $194.99/lb
Out of Stock

Cultivated Large
Ginseng Roots
(30-40) per lb.
Compare at: $159.99

Your Price: $154.99/lb

Cultivated Medium
Ginseng Roots
(50-65) per lb.
Compare at: $140.50
Your Price: $134.99/lb

Cultivated Small Regular
Ginseng Roots
(65-90) per lb.

Compare at: $120.99
Your Price: $114.99/lb

Cultivated Small Size 2
Ginseng (90+) Roots

Compare at: $110.99

Your Price: $104.99/lb

Cultivated Small w/ Prongs
Ginseng Roots

Compare at: $90.50
Your Price: $84.99/lb
In Stock


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