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(frequently asked questions)

How do I place an order?

You can place an order in two ways. If you are ordering a "popular" product, the ones on the bottom of the Home page, you can click "Buy Now" and the product will be added to your shopping cart. Or, you can click the "Quick Buy" button on the sidebar from anywhere on the website to access our quick buy order sheet

Is there a way to quickly place a large order?

Yes. Click the "Quick Buy" button from anywhere on the website to access the quick buy order sheet, where all our products are listed, and you may enter the amount of each you want quickly and efficiently. Upon hitting the "Buy Now" button on the quick buy order sheet, the items you have selected and quantities will be added to your shopping cart.

How come products do not "stack" in the shopping cart?

For example, if you clicked "Buy Now" on a popluar product, it might show up as "Cultivated Jumbo Ginseng" in the shopping cart. Then, if you go to the quick buy sheet and order the same product, your cart may appear like this.

This is due to the nature the cart is set up, and cannot be changed, we suggest you delete one entry, and add that quantity to your other entry. We are sorry for this inconvinience.

How may I remove an item from the shopping cart?

To remove an item from the cart, simply type "0" into the quantity field and click "Recalculate" at the bottom of the cart.

The shopping cart does not work for me, what can I do?

Our shopping cart uses "cookies," and you must have them enabled to shop online at most websites. To enable cookies, if you are using Internet Explorer 4.0+, click on Tools > Internet Options > Security > Click the "Custom Level" button >Scroll down to "Cookies" and enable them. If you use Netscape Navigator, Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > And enable Cookies there. If you have tried this and still cannot get the shopping cart to work properly, please call 1-800-969-6472 to place an order by telephone.

I don't feel safe about using my credit card online, is there a phone number I can call to place my order?

Yes, call 1-800-969-6472 to place an order by telephone.

How is my credit card information processed?

Your credit card information is processed in the most secure way possible. After you submit your order, it is encrypted and sent through an SSL server to Verisign, the leading credit card authoring gateway on the internet, who verify the credit card, and then to us, where we can process your order.

I can't get to an area of the site, what can I do?

If parts of the site are down, please try again in a few minutes, otherwise, if you are placing an order, you can call 1-800-969-6472


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