Ginseng Seeds

We are currently offering the first-time grower and the experienced grower a special opportunity to try our high-grade and low-priced products.

  • Approximately 6000+ seeds for every 1 lb.
  • Wisconsin seeds with expected high germination rate.
  • Seeds are harvested from mature, disease free, and high-quality 2019 plants. Ready to plant in 2020.
  • Seeds are stratified in a controlled environment, then tested and floated to assure quality.
  • Seeds will come with growing instructions.
  • Seeds can be planted in pots, grown year round in a garden or farm, or in a wild setting (i.e. woods). 

For every 5 lbs. – 1/2 LB. FREE

Example: 100 lbs. would get 10 lbs. free!