Special Promotions

Get 1/2 lb. FREE with every 5 lbs. ordered! This applies to ginseng root and ginseng seed.

Now, for a limited time, You will receive 1/2 lb. of the smallest type of ginseng you have ordered free with every 5 lbs. of other ginseng you order.

For Example . . .

You Order:
2 lbs Jumbo Ginseng
3 lbs Medium Ginseng
5 TOTAL pounds of ginseng

You would receive 1/2 lbs. Medium Ginseng Free . . . a $67.49 value!

You Order:
37 lbs. Jumbo Ginseng
37 TOTAL pounds of ginseng

You would receive 3.5 lbs. of Jumbo Ginseng Free . . . a $203.97 value!

• Applies to any product ordered online through this website
• Extra pound will not show up in shopping cart, but will be shipped with your order